‘Diablo IV’ Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Blizzard Has Something For Fans This Coming November

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 09, 2016 11:23 AM EDT

With BlizzCon events set to happen on November 4 and 5, fans of the MMORPG pioneer "Diablo" are anticipating a fourth installment to debut on such event. While rumors has been long circulating that there will be a "Diablo 4" that will be released this year, there have been no actual confirmations yet.

iTech Post reports that during last month's big event Gamescom, fans of the game were frustrated when Blizzard did not make any announcements. While a lot of Diablo fans are already anticipating something new, YouTube presenter Rhykker said that Blizzard Entertainment had never hinted or given out anything new for Diablo. If a fourth Diablo game does not seem likely, fans of the game need not despair as it appears that Blizzard has something in store for them.

GamenGuide reports that since Diablo III's release in 2012, another full game might be too much to ask considering the Blizzard typically takes long intervals between full games. So instead of a full "Diablo IV," another expansion with new characters, skills, items and creatures might be more feasible. One rumor says that Blizzard might make enhanced versions of its older games which might include an HD version of Diablo 2. This rumor has stemmed out from the news that Blizzard is hiring new talents which include animators and designers in an apparent effort for a new big project.

Josh Mosquiera, game director of "Diablo," recently left Blizzard, however, he was again hired for what was labelled to be a "secret project." This secret project now is what fans of the classic RPG game speculate to be another full Diablo game, or merely an expansion that would bring in loads of content.

Another rumor also says that Blizzard may be working on a mobile version of Diablo, which is a big possibility considering how much the mobile gaming industry has grown. With Blizzard's tested experience in the computer gaming industry, they can as well make hits as big in the mobile market. Regardless of all this, fans would have to wait until BlizzCon happens on November 4 and 5 in Anaheim, California to find out what the team has for them.

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