‘Half Life 3’ Latest News & Update: Old Base Invasion Needs Underwater Penetration

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 20, 2016 12:52 AM EDT

“Half Life” will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and such has brought up possible “Half Life 3” rumors once again. The only thing lacking is Valve’s confirmation, something that is unlikely to happen.

Nothing has come close to a possible “Half Life 3” coming even with breadcrumbs pointing to possible virtual reality integration for the third installment. As mentioned in a previous post, the VR angle cropped up thanks to one Alan Yates, a hardware engineer who bared that he AR/VR research team over at Valve has ‘grown’.

With only a handful of people assigned to “Half Life 3”, it goes without saying that development has been slow with gamers in for a long wait. Add to the fact that no script is in play, then the realistic wait for “Half Life 3” will most likely be 2018 at the earliest.

Underwater means to get in the Kraken Base?

A couple of new rumors have cropped up recently with reference to some notable things from “Half Life 2”. One is with regards to the Kraken Base which may reportedly be used again on “Half Life 3”.

While that pitch could make sense, the next rumor should be the kicker. “Half Life 3” players will have to find a way to get into the Kraken Base and for a change, it may require some ‘deep sea’ means.

Once inside, the main protagonist could be Doctor Helena Mossman, the traitor who tricked protagonists and eventually placing the research team in a precarious position. Hence, it could all point to the possible use of a submarine to get the players in the lair.

It should be an interesting twist to “Half Life 3” though it remains to be seen if all this is on the Valve road map. If CEO Gabe Newell is looking for a good script this could be an interesting one to work on.

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