PlayStation VR Latest News & Update: This Sony VR Headset Also Works with Xbox, Wii U, PC in Limited Capacity

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 14, 2016 07:29 PM EDT

Gamers and techies are already discovering new uses for PlayStation VR although it is at infancy stage being two days after release date on Thursday, Oct 13. It appears that what is intended for PlayStation 4 console can also work well with other devices.

PlayStation VR was conceived to aid virtual reality requirements of PlayStation titles. Considering the limited number of titles traversing VR field, gamers are getting bored and contemplates on testing ways to maximize the use of this device. Some of these are not even included in official marketing adverts. There is no stopping of our ingenious gaming community to try something new though. So PSVR slowly builds up reputation as the most versatile headset today.

Digital Trends compared PlayStation VR with contemporaries HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. What they discovered is PSVR capability to run ANY content through its HDMI connection. The device will end up rendering these contents in cinema setting. Both Vive and Rift supports virtual cinema for non-VR games running on 2D display. But then again, this capability is limited compared to PSVR.

Forbes also confirmed that devices tested and found out working with PlayStation VR were Wii U, PC and even rival Xbox. However, there are three setbacks toying this device with other non-Sony digital signature carrier. Apparently PSVR was not optimized for other devices so gamers have no possibility to use position tracking ability. Also, they can't interact with motion controllers. Further, third-party devices can't possibly play sounds on PSVR so they should be natively rendered.

At any rate, remember that PlayStation VR is out for only two days so several other uses might be discovered even before the year ends. This scenario is likely because the potential root of these aforementioned device "miscommunication" problems is lack of proper drivers. Who knows if there are those working already to offer third-party fixes? Wouldn't it be cool if the mundane gaming VR headset transcends into the first real wearable monitor?

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