‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Disables Pokestop Access While Driving

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 08, 2016 08:53 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" recently received a system update that introduced a new daily bonus program and other Gym gameplay changes. However, Niantic's patch may have also affected a player's ability to access a Pokestop while driving.

Avid "Pokemon Go" fans became excited when Niantic deployed its latest patch update that included a special bonus matrix to rewards players for completing daily tasks. Gamers can now get XP points and Stardust when catching Pokemon monsters or visiting Pokestops every day.

Apart from the daily bonus rewards, gameplay features for "Pokemon Go" Gyms, including the Prestige amounts, were also changed. Players who defeated a leader of a rival gym is now given ample time to nab or "secure" the said gym without other gamers trying to steal it immediately after the battle.

However, Niantic may have also adjusted its Pokestop settings in the said patch. It appears that game technicians have added an extra safety feature to ensure that gamers are not playing "Pokemon Go" while driving.

Moreover, Niantic's update may have locked out all players from accessing Pokestops even if they are passengers. Several "Pokemon Go" gamers took to Reddit, as cited by Polygon, to share how the Pokestops have stopped working while riding a moving vehicle, even at a slow speed.

A few Redditors also slammed Niantic for making "questionable changes" that affected a player's gaming experience. Some Reddit users even highlighted the upcoming winter season and other weather changes that would force gamers to play the game while indoors or while travelling.

Meanwhile, Niantic developers may be working on a special "Pokemon Go" game event to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Similar to the Halloween event, several reports teased of the company's potential plans to introduce a Thanksgiving-themed event that would spawn specific flight type Pokemon monsters, as well as special bonuses.

The "Pokemon Go" Halloween event started on Oct. 26 and ended on Nov. 1. Learn more about the Gym battle changes in the clip below:

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