‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: What Is Niantic CEO John Hanke’s Big Secret For Mobile Game?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 10, 2016 12:37 PM EST

Niantic CEO John Hanke is at it again, claiming that there are secrets embedded somewhere for “Pokemon Go”. He however opted not to give any clues and prefers to see how things play out in the coming weeks.

Hanke is no stranger when it comes to secrets for “Pokemon Go”. As mentioned in a previous post, there is that dish tied up to Ditto who he alleges is actually out there in the previous version of the augmented reality game back in September.

Right now, whatever that secret is may be hard to pin down. Niantic has been rolling out frequent updates and the latest one has been more than generous for “Pokemon Go” players. This includes the new spawned characters, bigger rewards and other game changes.

It could be another dish at Ditto though most will likely be disappointed at Hanke for playing them. As of this writing, no one has actually spotted the rare despite his claims, GameSpot reported. Then again, it could be more appealing if other legendaries take the scene like Articuno or maybe MeowTwo.

New spawns for “Pokemon Go” are to be expected with the common ones allegedly be seen less. So far, the only difference is seeing more of the critters at spawn points plus an incremental addition of certain rare finds.

The surprise could be the improved nearby feature, a tracking side which Niantic has yet to address. With the company clamping down on the use of third-party apps for “Pokemon Go”, it could be possible only that many are aware that it will eventually come.

For “Pokemon Go” players, the secret could very well point to a “Pokemon” that has been rumored but not seen (aside from Ditto). That particular critter could come out via in-game events, either this Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Hopefully, Hanke’s dish will not be similar to the one he made in September about Ditto. Nothing really came out of that so his take on "Pokemon Go" will hopefully be factual and meaningful this time around.

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