'League of Legends' December 2016 Map Update: Christmas and Winter Theme Summoner's Rift?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 14, 2016 03:30 AM EST

Christmas is fast approaching as well as the month of December. Previously, Riot games, the creator and developer of the game "League of Legends", have something up their sleeves.

As players all know about the recent "League of Legends" patch 6.22, which includes assassins rework and revamps on other champions, this awaited updated comes with the new winter theme update in the map of Summoner's Rift. The map includes several changes including candles that are numerously placed around the map and monsters wearing scarfs and mittens to keep warm from the winter season.

What can we expect from the "League of Legends" winter themed map?

Based on the "League of Legends" video preview of Brofresco, the map is almost the same as the default map. However, the changes are far too huge compared to the default one. The weather is snow and most of the hues of the map are white, rather than green and brown in the default "League of Legends" Summoner's Rift map.

Creatures, creeps, or monsters in Summoner's Rift have been slightly changed with mittens, Santa hats, and scarfs to complement the winter season. Players would have their winter or Christmas--themed champion skins ready because it would make "League of Legends" amazing and a matching one as well. Aside from the skins, ice-related champions such as Ashe, Braum, Anivia, Sejuani, Lissandra, and others would perfectly match the weather because of their skills and main element.

When will the update be released for "League of Legends"?

Some say it would be released this December but there is not specific date yet. This might be included in the "League of Legends" patch 6.23 with Elementalist Lux in it. Pre-season 7 is drawing near and players cannot wait for the opportunity to experience a whole new batch of updated champions, maps, and skills. Lastly, with new skins and updates piercing their way through, this also includes new summoner icons, wards, and sales that might be included in the said upcoming update.

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