'League of Legends' Latest News & Update: Upcoming Champion Camille, Assassin Type & Her Story Comic Revealed?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 19, 2016 08:54 PM EST

"League of Legends" released numerous updates including the Assassins rework, newer skins, and other champion maintenances. The best thing about the upcoming update 6.23 is the new content that will be added compared to the map changes like Winter Summoner's Rift.

This update is expected to be released this December or January, together with the opening of "League of Legends" Season 7. After the release of update 6.22, a grand change will occur either on the update 6.23 or Season 7, which will come next year. Riot, the developers have released a comic that spotlights Camille, the new upcoming Champion on the said game.

Expectations on skills and looks of Camille

The new Champion in "League of Legends", Camille, is observed to have robotic features. This is assured when she was showing her face in the comic. The comic was released as well to serve as a teaser for the awaited Champion either next year or this December. She will be expected to have skills the same as sword-wielding Champions. Because of her sword-like legs or actually a sword, she is expected to be a new assassin, regarding her mobile and agile moves, including her shield---which was revealed in the comics. The comics can be found on the League of Legends website.

Based on the video of Brofresco, Camille looks like an assassin from Piltover in "League of Legends". The title of the comics is "Severed Ties" and it is a possible theory that Camille is a woman that has issues when it comes to love or something like betrayal. Moreover, her look closely resembles an assassin and she can be a potential assassin in the making.

Now, talking about the rumors on the reworks and revamped Champions in the future, it is expected that the "League of Legends" that we know of today will be in another perspective when Season 7 comes. Together with this, the elements that make us remember the first years of every season will always be carried over to the next. Until the next updates on the reworks and releases, players are waiting and speculating a lot for Season 7. For more updates about League of Legends, stay tuned for more!

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