'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Animation Episode 1 & 2: Observations, Reactions & New Discoveries About The New World & Generation of Pokemon!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 19, 2016 10:27 PM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" for the 3DS has just been released but Pokemon is not complete without the animation. Just like other versions of Pokemon games, it cannot be released without the animation as well. Now, the newly released game is having an animation which will be released in the West. Episodes 1 and 2 are recently released in Japan. Fortunately, some YouTubers uploaded an English subbed version for all to watch. Westerners have to stick on the English subtitles for a while.

What are the new things in animation?

Animations stick to the facts and story in the game so that players who purchased "Pokemon Sun and Moon" would relate to the animation and connect that to the game. The main character, Satoshi (in Japanese) or more popularly known as Ash (for Western countries), sets out to Melemele Island, which is part of Alola region. He then discovers the guardian of the Melemele Island as he was journeying and experiencing a new world. To prevent any spoilers to those who haven't watched it, Pokemon Alola region contains many secrets yet to unfold. Aside from people greeting each other in a unique way by saying "Alola!", which is a familiar word likened to that of Hawaiian goodbye and hello, "Aloha!"

The bracelet that grants Z-moves

There is also a bracelet in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game, which is adapted in the animation as well. The bracelet grants Ash the power to use Z-moves on enemies. Unlike other owners of the bracelet, his was yellow in color, validating that it is for a thunder or electric type Pokemon-----for his companion Pikachu and other electric type Pokemon he may catch during his journey. For gamers and people who refer watching the animation, it can be rewarding to do both.

Numerous information regarding "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that will come out as players will conquer the game and unlock secrets, while other people will finish watching the whole series. For more updates and news about Pokemon Sun and Moon, stay tuned for more! You can watch the first two episodes of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" on YouTube, under the account of PokemonEpisodes.

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