Ten Entertaining Android Games to Play After the Thanksgiving Frenzy Including 'Reigns', See Full List Here!

By Cores Grace Malaay , Updated Nov 24, 2016 09:34 PM EST

Thanksgiving could be tiring at times preparing everything as well as recovering from the post-turkey dinner with family and friends. However, there are numerous ways to relax and be entertained and one of these is gaming on your Android device.

Game Informer has rounded up ten impressive Android games that are of good quality regardless of the smartphones' model or brand. The ten latest Android games collection includes strategy, puzzle, word and action games.

"Reigns" is one of the high-profile games released this year where the player needs to stay alive to balance the powers of the kingdom through a clever decision-making. The game is somewhat a Game of Thrones scheme and in the game's progress, new cards and challenges are unlocked.

The "Highrise Word Heroes" game tasks the player with spelling the way out of a burning skycraper. Each floor serves up a new challenge and new mechanics and it also has an odd fascination with monkeys.

"Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey" is somewhat RPG sensible, which a player has a character to guide through a series of fightings with enemies. By defeating them, the biggest words must be spelled and the character's equipment can also be upgraded in between missions.

"Alien Star Menace" is an oddball space romp, which offers a light turn-based tactics gameplay and action and a huge list of rare items. Its goofy tone and XCOM-lite action is a must-try.

"Deep Dungeons Of Doom" exchanges letter tiles for cold and hard steel. It features a number of unlockable characters and upgrade options with its extraordinary art and animation.

"Evolution Planet" is a puzzle game that is similar to Threes! gameplay, which has a combat component. The player should build up ancient creatures to clear enemies off the board.

"Super Stickman Golf 3" offers more new skills, levels and a new ball spin mechanic aside from the power-imbuing outfits. Another game that is among the ten Android games to play over Thanksgiving is "To Arms!!" that tasks a player to overcome monster hordes by building a crew of warriors, archers and farmers to take them on.

The game "Bowmasters" is where a player has to guess and estimate the right angle and force for the shots. Lastly, "Shikaku" tasks a player to block out a definite number of squares, which is related to that number.

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