PlayStation Experience 2016: Sony’s Mistake & How The Company Learned From It, According To Exec Shuhei Yoshida

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 06, 2016 11:56 AM EST

The recent PlayStation Experience 2016 saw numerous announcements that left a multitude of gamers and tech onlookers wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Apart from the mind-blowing announcements, gaming execs and devs also get to share their thoughts and knowledge, the most memorable yet is of Sony's Shuhei Yoshida. According to the Sony executive, Sony will be "more cautious" when it comes to announcing release dates in the future.

PlayStation Experience 2016: Mistakes, New Opportunities And Lessons

Over the years, Sony had unfortunately made some mishaps, specifically in games' release dates. One good example is the PlayStation version of "Driveclub," which was previously caught between a web of delays not only once, but multiple times. Another one is "The Last Guardian," which fortunately is finally released today, December 6. Things will get better for Sony though, at least according to Yoshida on his talk at the PlayStation Experience 2016, via DualShockers.

This year, Sony have announced numerous PS4 games, including "Days Gone," "God of War," "Spider-Man PS4" and "The Last of Us Part II." However, the company didn't set a concrete release date for any of these games, not even a release window. They chose to stay mum on the subject and instead said the games are in development for PS4. Yoshida, who was part of a panel at PlayStation Experience 2016, explained why they're vague on release dates, and why some PS4 games are delayed.

PlayStation Experience 2016 Ushered In A New Era For Sony

"We definitely have learned by our mistake of announcing release dates too early. So we will be more cautious doing so because these days, the teams are making the game much bigger and more complex," Yoshida said, as per PlayStation Lifestyle. It was also announced during the PlayStation Experience 2016 that remasters for "LocoRoco," PaRappa the Rapper," "WipEout" and "Patapon."

"So we have learned from that [mistakes]. And going forward we will be much more cautious and wait until the time that we are really confident to hit the date," Yoshida concluded at the PlayStation Experience 2016. More updates on Sony's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro games will be announced by the company in the coming weeks.

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