'Stardew Valley': One Of The Best Games In 2016 Coming To PS4, ConcernedApe's Successful Farming Simulation Creation

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 10, 2016 07:36 AM EST

"Stardew Valley" was created by one man that goes by the name of ConcernedApe. This game is one of the best games in 2016 as rated by numerous websites.

Now, it is coming to the PlayStation 4 console and Nintendo Switch, which is convenient for those who own the Nintendo Switch because they can just play it anywhere they go or play in the comforts of their home. In addition, with the four years of work, the game bore fruits of hard work and players loved how organized and smooth the game is, despite its pixelated graphics. However, these pixels are one unique feature that will separate it from other games out there.

Why play Stardew Valley in the first place?

Playing "Stardew Valley" is something that everyone calls a "peaceful and nostalgic" experience because players will follow a certain story that is somehow linked to the famous farming game from Marvelous Interactive, which is "Harvest Moon." The main character is left with a message from his grandfather about his last will. He hands an envelope to the main character and strongly requests to never open it unless if in dire need of change in life.

Moreover, the dying grandfather notes that city life is harsh, thus, he hands out an envelope containing some message in it. As the grandpa slowly drifts to sleep, he slowly let out his last breath.

Now players will be entranced of how accurate the prologue is because everyone experiences that even today. Work that needs to be done each day with just small pay is kind of stressful considering that people put much effort into it. This game surely reflects on to the slice of life genre and a real happening now. "Stardew Valley" puts nostalgia and life lessons, with a mix of fantasy and mythical creatures, that ties the whole story together and produce a light-hearted game with farming life as the main focus.

Not only that but also romance and relationships with the townspeople players meet in the game with a different backstory for each. Due to all of the things mentioned, ConcernedApe [Eric Barone] even had a chance to meet the creator and developer of Harvest Moon [Yasuhiro Wada], which was stated in the post from PC Gamer. The two of them talked about the struggles in publishing a game and the risks they had to take during those times. Now it is sure that "Stardew Valley" is the game that people should play.

"Stardew Valley" can be downloaded from Steam. While the other versions for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch are coming soon next year.

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