'Capcom Pro Tour 2017': Premier Event Qualification Mechanics Changes

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 12, 2016 04:27 AM EST

Capcom has been reportedly making changes to Street Fighter V for the upcoming balance patch. It appears the company is also making big changes for the "Capcom Cup" qualification process. Previously, winning a Capcom Premier event grants an auto-qualification for the victor, this had led to some pro players gate-keeping some of the slots, which makes it hard for other contestants to secure a spot in the rankings.

EventHubs was able to talk with Capcom's Neidel "Haunts" Crisan to discuss what the "Capcom Pro Tour" has in store for its "Street Fighter V" players. Crisan confirms that they are considering removing the auto-qualification mechanics for Premier tournaments. He claims that it is something they are "looking to do away with." In the last three Pro Tour Championship events, players who win "higher-profile" tourneys always earned a spot to play in the Capcom Cup finals.

"Street Fighter V" fans have reportedly expressed their frustrations as the qualifiers progressed towards the Capcom Cup finals. They found it difficult to discern especially when more than one player wins several Premier tournaments. Crisan also admits the format they used was "hard to follow along with." Some of the staff were allegedly "scratching their heads" trying to discern which contestants are included in the final 32 bracket. Fans will soon hear about the adjustments in the upcoming months before "Capcom Pro Tour" officially launches for 2017.

"Street Fighter V" is expected to receive a balance patch soon. The update seeks to level the playing field as some of the characters noticeably held an advantage over others. Top players have already given their opinions on what changes could help balance the game even further. Incoming DLC characters also mean more work for Capcom to ensure they fit perfectly into the roster. With the success of this year's "Capcom Cup" tournament, fans are already getting hyped for next year's installment.

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