'Clash Royale' Latest News & Update: New Cards & Events Coming

By Jerome , Updated Dec 19, 2016 10:13 AM EST

"Clash Royale" is a free to play game and strategy game that has been developed by Supercell. Enter the arena and play this strategy game and battle other players. The last update on this game was released last December 15,2016.

The gameplay of "Clash Royale" is that you will pick your own deck then you will use them to battle other players. Players will choose the cards during the game and it will summon the unit from the cards. The first player who destroys the castle or has more destroyed building will win.

Some of the newest update on "Clash Royale" is still on going like the Crown Duel Challenge that will came last December 16. There are also Clan chest that will come on December 19 and Electro wizard Challenge coming on December 23.

There are also a new arena in "Clash Royale" which is called the Jungle Arena. There are also new cards in this game that will be released every two weeks. Even though there are new cards, this is the first update that doesn't have any legendary cards.

Dart Goblin is a range unit in "Clash Royale" that has a blow dart and use gum as bullets. It has the same range as the Royal Giant and it has a very fast attack. With only three elixir required, it has the same health as Princess but Dart Goblin will deal more damage per second than Princess.

Executioner is another range unit in "Clash Royale" that throws his axe like boomerang striking all enemies on the way and back. A unit that required five elixir has the same range as the Wizard and the same hitpoints as the Bowler. Another additional great unit that can attack multiple units but it only attacks slower.

Battle Ram is a troop in "Clash Royale" that has two Barbarians holding a big log and will charge at the nearest building. It only cost four elixir but it charges like Prince or Dark Prince but instead of the first unit, it will pick buildings instead. After hitting a building or if Battle ram has been taken out, it will spawn two Barbarians instantly.

Goblin Gang is unit with six goblin that has three goblin knives and three goblin spears in "Clash Royale". it could be a great alternative cards for using goblin cards.

A really great strategy game indeed. Let's wait until this update has been released to this great game "Clash Royale".

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