'Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Pokemon Bank Is Now Ready For Use

By Allan , Updated Jan 26, 2017 07:53 AM EST

Pokemon Bank is now up and ready for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players and users who sign up gets a Mewnium Z-Crystal as a special gift. The game has been available for two months now and it is only now can players finally use the Pokemon bank to transfer all their Pokemon from the previous version to the latest one.

Since the release of the game, many players just can’t wait for the Pokemon Bank to be ready and transfer all their old Pokemon so they don’t need to catch it again in the latest version. And finally it has arrived and it only requires $5 each year to use it. All the Pokemon caught from Blue, Red, Yellow version, “Pokemon X and Y”, Ruby, Alpha Sapphire version can be instantly transported to “Pokemon Sun and Moon”.

However, not all items that the player possessed from the older version can be transferred to the new one. According to Gamerant, all the items that a Pokemon have with them will not be forwarded in the latest version. Also, Pokemon that have already been transferred in the new version can no longer be transferred back or to any other previous installment.

The best thing about the Pokemon Bank is that it comes with a limited time gift, Mewnium Z-Crystal, which makes the additional $5 fee every year worth it. Z-Crystals are not always easy to find in the game yet it is very useful. Polygon reports the special gift will only be available until October 2 so players must make sure they subscribe just before the promotion ends.

Players having access to their old Pokemon makes it so much easier for them to have high level with strong skills Pokemon. It can be remembered that the last global event was a failure so having stronger Pokemon for the third will make all the difference.

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