'Overwatch': Jeff Kaplan Details Incoming Server Browser Update

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 09, 2017 08:47 PM EST

The popularity of "Overwatch" is reportedly credited to its consistent updates and new features. Blizzard Entertainment's Jeff Kaplan shares another updated developer video to discuss one of the game's upcoming features. The Public Test Realm (PTR) for the team-based FPS is reportedly about to receive the Server Browser update, which is apparently one the most requested element from the player community.

As it is now, the game only offers several game modes like Quick Play, Arcade Mode and Competitive. The developer elaborates about how the new feature will add more control for players. Instead of being randomly matched with any online players from different regions, the latest update should allow gamers to tweak multiple settings and expand their overall experience with the available game modes, according to Game Rant.

Jeff Kaplan confirms that the Server Browser will permit gamers to start a custom match, which offers a substantial amount of tweakable settings. Once a custom match has been set, other gamers can search for it using the new feature and its filters. The Browser can also let players create private matches, which seems perfect for friends who want to practice or just mess around. As an added surprise, custom matches will reportedly earn experience points and loot crates.

The great and welcome news continues with the developer's acknowledgment regarding the popularity the game's capture the flag mode. Nine additional maps will be reportedly added to the existing three available, which confirms the mode's permanent inclusion in the game, as reported by Gamespot. The video also confirms that flag pick-up time and other variables can be adjusted before the game begins.

The Overwatch team and Jeff Kaplan apparently continues to deliver many welcome updates and content to their shooter. The latest custom games from the Server Browser feature will also allow users to turn off character abilities, change the cooldown time and more. The official release schedule for the new update has not yet been announced, but it will most likely follow shortly after the PTR.

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