'Star Citizen' Features, Gameplay & Platforms: $100 M Kickstarter Game Launch Coming Up, Available In Pre-Release Alpha Play

By Paige McClure , Updated Feb 27, 2017 06:02 AM EST

"Star Citizen" is a community funded game that has gain a huge support of funding amounting to $100 million through Kickstarter. The crowd funders are eagerly waiting for its launching date, but until now there are still development and fine tuning activities to do for the game. However, the game has catch up with its pre-release alpha that is available for playing making it as one of the most awaited game in 2017.

It has been reported by PCAdvisor, that "Star Citizen" mixes the open-world space exploration with first-and-third-person combat and dogfighting. This game is targeted to be out in 2016 but it has been moved to 2017 with 28 chapters. There has been few preview releases conducted for the backers and funders on Kickstarter who funded on its development can play on. Initially, the alpha release of the Hangar and Planetside modules had engaged the gamers to explore, modify or do upgrading.

However, the latest update Alpha 2.6 featuring Version 1 of the multiplayer FPS "Star Marine" is the newest addition. According to Gamespot, the game developer Cloud Imperium are already happy of the positive feedback for the Alpha 2.6, particularly the stunning videos and images with new camera controls. In addition, Cloud Imperium is working on the Squadron 42 - the full persistent universe module and the single-player and co-op campaign mode.

Up to this time, the developer is still busy with working on the details of the "Star Citizen" Squadron 42 schedules. For those who are interested to take hold of the game, they have to go direct to the official site, since this is a Kickstarter funded game. This cannot be ordered from Amazon or Steam. For continuing update of the game, just stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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