Latest Leaks Confirm Project Scorpio Details

Latest Leaks Confirm Project Scorpio Details

Microsoft's Project Scorpio has received a ton of speculations in the past few months.

by Michael Augustin

Xbox One Project Scorpio Reveal Trailer - E3 2016

Microsoft Made An Internal Testing On Xbox One’s New Project Scorpio, Launch Before Holiday 2017

The amazing features about the one called Project Scorpio for Xbox One’s specs has been leaked and is now soaring the internet.

by Lilibeth C

'Resident Evil 7': Biohazard Released Not On Nintendo Switch For Some Reasons

'Resident Evil 7': Biohazard Released Not On Nintendo Switch For Some Reasons.

'Resident Evil 7': Biohazard was released last January 24 but bot on Nintendo Switch for some intriguing seasons.

by Danny Smith

Microsoft Retail Store and Former San Francisco 49ers Roger Craig Host Xbox One Gaming Tournament at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto

Xbox One: Microsoft Add New Copilot Controller Mode, Assigns Two Gamepads To The Same Player; Xbox Insider Program Still Not Accessible To All Users

Microsoft's Xbox One console has recently added a new update on the gaming device, the copilot mode, which is tied into the Xbox Guide interface.

by Paige McClure

I Am Setsuna - Review

‘I Am Setsuna’ Will Be A Nintendo Switch Launch Digital Title On March 3

“I Am Setsuna” will be released as a digital title of Nintendo Switch on March 3

by Danny Smith

Microsoft VIP Lounge At The Hard Rock Hotel

Project Scorpio Features: Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer Shares Experience Playing The Console First Time

Phil Spencer has recently announced on twitter that he's really happy with the development of Project Scorpio.

by Paige McClure

Mirosoft's New X-Box Holds Midnight Sales Launch In New York's Times Square

Update on Microsoft’s Xbox One Enhancement Coming on Xbox Insider Program; Get All The Details Here

More details about the new UI for Microsoft Xbox One has been revealed and the first set of update will soon be avaibale for members of the insider program.

by Allan

First Look at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Release Date, Online Services Possesses Certain Glitches

Nintendo has confirmed on their website that the Online Services which is offered to the owners of “Nintendo Switch” will soon be launched in fall of 2017.

by Lilibeth C

Nintendo Switch: Little Things You Probably Didn't Know

Nintendo Switch Expected To Sell 40 Million Units Within 4 Years

DFC Intelligence has reportedly made a forecast that the Nintendo Switch will hit 40 million unit sales by 2020.

by Michael Augustin

Nintendo Hosts Celebrities At 2016 E3 Gaming Convention

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Update: Sony Brings Back Aloy In PlayStation 4 Soon? Features, Gameplay, Prices & More

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is a role playing video game that is ready for release for the PlayStation 4 by the developer Guerilla Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment to bring back Aloy (Ashly Burch) to continue with her adventures in an open world environment.

by Paige McClure

Mirosoft's New X-Box Holds Midnight Sales Launch In New York's Times Square

Project Scorpio Specs, Features & Price: The Most Powerful Xbox Consoles Ever Made; Microsoft To Keep Up With Sony?

Microsoft's Project Scorpio has been indentified as the most powerful console for 2017.

by Paige McClure

Hollow Knight: Beneath and Beyond Trailer

'Hollow Knight' 2017: Finally Available to Nintendo Switch; Wii U To No Avail; Details Here

"Hollow Knight" is finally available to Nintendo Switch instead to Wii U.

by Febe AF

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