The (Infinity) Gauntlet Has Been Thrown: Two Comic Titans Enter, Only One Leaves This Year's SDCC A Winner

The (Infinity) Gauntlet Has Been Thrown: Two Comic Titans Enter, Only One Leaves This Year's SDCC A Winner

Every year the major comics publishers Marvel and DC descend upon the SDCC, not for a convention, but for war.

by Steve Buja

Captain America

The Leader Of Our Free World Now Black In Marvel U Too: Black Captain America!

Captain America's buddy Sam Wilson (also known as The Falcon) is to take over his buddy Steve Rogers' mantle as the star-spangled Avenger in an upcoming Avengers comic book series alongside the new (and as yet unknown) female Thor.

by Luca Saitta

The Avengers

Avengers 2: Joss Whedon says the lack of female superheroes in Marvel films 'pisses' him off

The Avengers director says the failures of previous female superhero movies and the lack of toy sales has lead to a dearth of superheroine films. Whedon's comments come as he starts pre-production work on the Avengers 2.

by James Dohnert

The Winter Soldier

First Look at Winter Soldier in 'Captain America 2'

See Sebastian Stan as a more menacing Bucky Barnes in the 'Captain America' sequel.

by Mike Andronico

Glenn Close Cannes 2010

Glenn Close To Head Nova Corps In Guardians of the Galaxy? [RUMOR]

Academy Award winning actress set to play Nick Fury type role for Guardian Movies.

by James Dohnert

Ironman GTA 4 mod

GTA IV Mod: Iron Man Causes Mayhem In Liberty City

Marvel superhero looks to take over criminal town.

by James Dohnert


Avengers Director Joss Whedon Dishes On QuickSilver And Scarlet Witch

Whedon says the characters were chosen because of their visually interesting powers.

by James Dohnert

Arrested Development Frozen Banana

TV to Watch This Weekend: Arrested Development Makes its Long Awaited Return

Arrested Development joins cartoon Avengers, British Sci-Fi and Mad Men for this weekends must watch TV viewing.

by James Dohnert

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer Alters Evan Peters Quicksilver Announcement, Avengers Collabo Unlikely

X-Men director pulls subtle 'Avengers' jab found in his big Quicksilver announcement. Is he just playing nice?

by Mike Andronico

Sony Denies Considering Selling Spider-Man Rights

Studio executives put shoot down Spider-man and Avengers reunion.

by James Dohnert


Marvel Reveals Two New Infinity Covers

See some alternate looks for Marvel's big event.

by Mike Andronico

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