‘Pokemon Go’ Christmas Event Latest News & Update: Pokemon Trading, New Tracker Coming? December Could be A Spectacular Month for The Game!

‘Pokemon Go’ Christmas Event Latest News & Update: Pokemon Trading, New Tracker Coming? December Could be A Spectacular Month for The Game!

Previously, the maximum number of Pokémon that appeared in the Nearby was 9. Right now, they appear unlimited Pokémon in "Pokemon Go".

by Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho

Pokemon Go Launches In Hong Kong

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: ‘Shiny’ Pokemon Planned For The Summer? Codes Hint At Glaring Rare Colored Pocket Monsters Coming Soon

Niantic continues to rollout new changes and some are now talking about the possible addition of “Shiny Pokemon”. This terminology originate from the fans and a look into the codes show that such may be on the way.

by Snooky Grawls

Pokemon GO GENERATION 2 - SAVE THESE CANDIES NOW!!! (New Pokemon Gen 2)

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Generation 2 Will Arrive This December 7? Leaked Regional Exclusive Pokemon Here!

"Pokemon GO" Generation 2 is rumored to arrive this coming December 7.

by Jason Glenn

Pokémon GO - Get Up and Go Trailer

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Naintic Has Released A Temporary Fix For Delayed And Loading Issues

Niantic has released a temporary fix to its latency issues for "Pokemon Go".

by Jason Glenn

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Reverts Gym Battle Prestige Points; Christmas Event Imminent?

Niantic recently deployed a “Pokemon Go” update the returned the prestige points to its original values while avid gamers continue to await the mobile gaming app’s speculated Christmas event.

by RG Ferrer

Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: 8th Nest Migration Is Now Happening; Here Are The New Nest Locations

"Pokemon Go" latest nest migration is finally here.

by Jason Glenn

Clash of Clans: Hog Rider 360°

‘Clash Of Clans’ Latest News & Update: Game Upgrade Includes VR-360 Experience? Game To See Sequel? Thrilling Details Available Here!

"Clash of Clans" may see a sequel as part of Supercell's long-term plan for the hit mobile game.

by Bernie Y.

How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Go

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Still Don't Have A Ditto? An Effective New Tracking App Has Been Discovered; Here Is How You Can Use It

A new tracking app has been discovered to find and locate a Ditto specifically in "Pokemon Go".

by Jason Glenn

Pokemon Go Update: NEUER Tracker / Radar - Pokemon bei Pokestops & Karte / Map live - Tipps & Tricks

'Pokemon Go' News & Update: Tips And Guide On How To Effectively Use The Latest Nearby Tracker

"Pokemon Go" latest nearby tracker's complete guide on how to use it.

by Jason Glenn

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Big Splurge Could Start With The ‘12 Days Of Christmas’

There is growing belief that Niantic will show off its generosity, including more spawns this Christmas.

by Snooky Grawls

Pokemon Go

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Victorious At The Game Awards 2016 Winning 'The Best Mobile Game' And 'Best Family Game'

"Pokemon Go" won two major awards at The Game Awards 2016 in Los Angeles.

by Jason Glenn

 'Pokemon Go' Christmas Update Release Date Details and News

'Pokemon Go' Christmas Update Release Date Details and News: A Merry Time for Players to Come Back to; More Features Revealed

It's been a while since "Pokemon Go" has reached it's peak. With the holidays coming up, Niantic has got a lot in store for you to enjoy the app during this season.

by Ara

NEW NEARBY TRACKER IN POKEMON GO! - How it Works + Video in Action

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Nearby Tracker Released To The Rest Of The United States And Europe

"Pokemon Go" just released its latest nearby tracker to the rest of the United States and in Europe.

by Jason Glenn

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

‘Super Mario Run’ Release Date, News & Update: Everything We Know So Far! New Nintendo Mobile App A Costly Game?

The coming of Nintendo’s “Super Mario Run” might be a surprise to many, but is it really worth it?

by Staff Reporter

Pokemon Go

'Pokemon Go' Latest News, Fixes and Updates: Major Update Coming This Month; More Pokemon to be Added

A major update is coming to the "Pokemon Go" which hopes to add more Pokemon and bring fixes to the game.

by Nens Mitchell

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