‘Final Fantasy 15’ Episode Gladiolus Guide: How To Get The Genji Blade

By Allan , Updated Mar 31, 2017 07:14 PM EDT

“Final Fantasy 15” first DLC has finally arrived and it’s an episode all about Gladiolus and unlocking the Genji Blade. And before Gladiolus can do that, he will have to defeat Gilgamesh which is not an easy boss to finish. This DLC takes about an hour to finish and knowing exactly where to go and what to do will make it easier to complete. So this article is a guide how to finish the story and unlock the Genji blade.

How to Defeat Gilgamesh and Unlock the Genji Blade

In “Final Fantasy 15”, Gilgamesh is the final boss in the new DLC that Gladiolus needs to defeat according to VG247. It's not really an easy task especially when Gilgamesh is glowing in red where his attacks cannot be blocked. The best way to defeat him is to dodge his attacks and hit him whenever possible. As soon as he is defeated, the Genji Blade will be unlocked.

After the Fight with Gilgamesh

After defeating the final boss and as the credits roll, players must stay in the game and wait for the teaser trailer of the next “Final Fantasy” DLC according to Gamerant. This time, it will be an episode all about Prompto and along with the trailer is the rewards of finishing the game. Now all the player needs to do is load the main story of the game after the fight with Gladiolus and there will be the Genji Blade. It is equipped with 426 attack power and gives a great HP boost to the player’s health.

The good news is Noctis can also use the sword and its all up to the player who uses it in the game. The Gladiolus DLC arrived months after the release of the main story so many players are very excited for its arrival. And it looks like many are happy with the “Final Fantasy 15” DLC especially with the many rewards that come with the Genji Blade.

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