'Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: How to Change Noctis’ Outfit to Upgrade Player Stats

By Allan , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:07 PM EST

Aside from "Final Fantasy XV" huge selection of weapons and items, players can also choose different outfits for Noctis that provides different effect on the stats. The game has been released for weeks now so many players could already be at the last parts of the story. Many may have overlooked the part where Noctis can change his black and zipper outfit to a different one. Not only will it give him a new look but could also make the upcoming battles easier.

How to Change Noctis' Outfit and Upgrade Character Stats

To change Noctis' outfit in "Final Fantasy XV", players just need to press the Star button for Xbox one players or the Touchpad for PlayStation 4 players to open the character settings. Click Gear and select the character to customize which is in this case should be Noctis. Click Attire and go to the screen's bottom left part. From there, players will see all the outfits that they have acquired throughout the game. Although the choices is not too many, each outfit improves a specific stat of the player.

Where to Find All Noctis Outfit in "Final Fantasy XV"?

To acquire more outfits for Noctis in the game, players just need to go with the game's story and they will find new outfits for their character every once in a while. Not all clothes are attractive to wear, some may even look really bad but it does help in the stat so its all up for the player if its worth looking unattractive in exchange of better stats. Based on player's experience, the more unattractive an outfit look, the better stats it has to offer for the player.

Other Items in the Game to Improve Stats in "Final Fantasy XV"

Aside from the items available in the game that boosts the player's stat, the upcoming DLC of "Final Fantasy XV" includes much more choices. In this way, players will have the option to use these new items instead of sacrificing Noctis' look to win battles.

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