'Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: How to Defeat Adamantoise in the Game

By Allan , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:20 PM EST

In "Final Fantasy XV", Adamantoise is one of the toughest big boss to defeat. However, with proper strategy and knowledge of his weakness, beating him may no longer be too challenging. So this article is all about guiding the players how to properly prepare for the battle with Adamantoise and learn a strategy how to defeat him.

How to Prepare for the Battle with Adamantoise

In "Final Fantasy XV", the only way to be ready for the big battle with a boss like Adamantoise in the game is to have enough hi-potions, mega phoenixes, elixirs ready on their inventory. Adamantoise may not be a hard hitter but he will hurt and endanger the rest of the team. In addition, the battle with him will be quite long so HPs will eventually drain and need a refill.

Moreover, it is also important to eat as many food as possible right before the big battle. Eating boosts attack of the player which will bring a huge bonus attack especially from a fight as big as this. Of course the boost will not last until the battle ends in "Final Fantasy XV" but the additional hits it gives will still help.

How to Defeat Adamantoise in "Final Fantasy XV"

One of the most effective attack to defeat Adamantoise is through warp striking. This attack guarantees a critical hit as long as the player releases the shot in close range. The best way to do release this attack is to take the time to aim for the right part of Adamantoise before releasing. The weakest part of his body is his eyes so target that whenever possible. Continue doing this as many times as possible.

Since this fight will take a long time to finish, the player may feel tired and lose their focus after a while. When this happens, players can use their summon to give them time to take a deep breath and ready another attack as soon as possible. Then just continue hitting his eyes until Adamantoise is defeated in "Final Fantasy XV".

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