Peter Dinklage Easter Egg In 'Destiny: Age Of Triumph'

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 30, 2017 07:07 AM EDT

The "Destiny: Age of Triumph" live event has officially launched and fans are apparently busy with the games new elements. Most gamers are now attempting to complete the game's largest record book and playing the new raids and missions. New armor and weapons are the main goal for most gamers as well as discovering new secrets. A gamer named Sun of Rasmus reportedly discovered a Peter Dinklage Easter Egg.

For "Destiny" gamers who played the game when it first came out, Peter Dinklage was the original voice of the Ghost in the single-player campaign. However, due to some negative feedback from fans, who found the "Game of Thrones" actor's voice-acting unappealing, the developer eventually replaced him with another well-known voice actor, Nolan North, as reported by Game Rant. The "Destiny: Age of Triumph" Easter Egg reportedly involves a voice clip from the original voice actor.

Reports claim that the "Destiny: Age of Triumph" Easter Egg is triggered automatically in one of the game's Strike missions. After defeating the mission's boss the game will trigger the Ghost's line "the wizard came from the moon" in Peter Dinklage's voice. Afterward, the Ghost seemingly clears its throat and speaks the same line in Nolan North's voice.

It seems like Bungie wanted to give "Destiny" fans a little throwback to the game when it first came out with the Peter Dinklage Easter Egg. Now that "Destiny: Age of Triumph" is in full-swing, it is only a matter of months until "Destiny 2" comes out for major platforms. Gamers are aware that the sequel will only carry over their characters from the original game. Gear and other items will not be transferred into the new game when it comes out this year.

Destiny: Age of Triumph will definitely offer fans a chance to grab new gear from the refreshed raids, which cycle every week, according to Gamenguide. Other than the Peter Dinklage Easter Egg, fans are reportedly hoping that Bungie includes a new loot cave to pay homage to the game's Year 1 players. Given that all the new items gained from the last live event will only be short-lived as "Destiny 2" is just over the horizon.

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