'Destiny 2' Trailers Downplay Serious Cabal Threat With Cayde-6

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 04, 2017 04:37 AM EDT

According to the available product listings for "Destiny 2", humanity is described to be in a situation where threats have threatened their survival. The people have huddled behind the walls of the Last City where they are protected by the Traveler and the guardians. The sequel reportedly tells the story where the Cabal forces have already breached the city's defenses and have started their assault on the Traveler itself. The two trailers released for the sequel, however, take a less serious tone with Cayde-6 in the spotlight.

It appears that "Destiny 2" is reportedly intended to be a little bit serious when it comes to the background story. After all, the Last City has been destroyed along with all the gear and possibly the Traveler as well. The Cabal faction called the Red Legion has successfully driven the Guardians away from the Tower and the city, as reported by Game Rant. Meanwhile, fans have noted that the "Last Call" and "Rally the Troops" trailer relied heavily on the more wise-cracking Cayde-6 to deliver his humorous take on the recent events that have occurred.

The "Destiny 2" trailers showcase Cayde-6 as he recounts the Cabal assault on the Last City, but the Hunter Vanguard apparently does not display any sign of worry or concern about the overall destruction. Several reports have pointed out that the chaos surrounding the fall of the last safe haven on Earth should have been treated as a catastrophe in "Destiny" lore. However, Cayde-6's reaction to everything goes against the developer's theme for the sequel.

Other than Cayde-6, both "Destiny 2" trailers also showcase Warlock Vanguard Ikora Rey and Titan Vanguard Commander Zavala. The other two Vanguards appear to be taking the Cabal invasion more seriously as they were shown reprimanding the Exo Vanguard in some scenes. Despite his behavior, some fans appear to understand that he is merely playing his role as the game's comic relief. Moreover, since Bungie intends to express the seriousness of the Red Legion's attack on the Last City, other players would have appreciated a different approach.

Other "Destiny 2" news has also indicated that the sequel will be more story-driven with memorable characters, according to the Bungie's claims. A report from Gamenguide has also indicated that a new central character named Hawthorne will play a big role in the game. The information was apparently taken from the product description of the game's collector's edition. It seems that fans are equally happy and concerned about Cayde-6's reaction towards the Red Legion's attack. The game is expected to launch for the PS4, PC and Xbox One on September 8, 2017.

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