Hawthorne: 'Destiny 2' Product Listing Details New Character

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 03, 2017 04:35 AM EDT

Various reports have indicated that "Destiny" fans continue to explore the internet for more information about "Destiny 2". Somehow, gamers were able to pinpoint some interesting details from the game's product description available online. Apparently, players were able to grab some story details from the collector's edition of the sci-fi shooter, which comes with a messenger bag called the Frontier Bag. The item itself is reportedly featured in-game used by a character called Hawthorne.

According to the "Destiny 2" product page description, it explains that the bag is used by Hawthorne and also reveals a little background story about the character. Hawthorne used to live within the walls of the Last City, but for some reason, opted to leave its walls and survive without the need of the guardian's protection. She eventually discovers her calling, which is to "provide shelter to humanity" through proper training and guidance, as reported by Game Rant.

 Although Bungie did not include any pictures of Hawthorne, her bag appears to really fit the character's description as well. It seems to be made from different materials with several logos and insignia's featured in the game. The "Destiny 2" Collector's Edition premium item reportedly comes with a solar panel USB charger with a built-in light, a solar blanket and a paracord. The in-game item apparently seems to reveal that she is a key character in the sequel.

The prevailing fan theory around Hawthorne is that she has already made an appearance during the first game. Some gamers claim that she is, in fact, the Exo Stranger who helped players along the story mission in the first game. The character was strangely absent in all the game's expansions afterwards, but it is suspected that she might return in "Destiny 2". The first two trailers for the sequel appear to support the developers claim that the game will feature more story content and seems to be character-driven this time around.

"Destiny 2" is expected to launch sometime in September this year. A recent report from Gamenguide has already revealed the release timeframes for two of its DLC expansion contents. According to the leak, Bungie appears to follow the same release dates of the expansion DLC of the first game as well. Speculations claim Hawthorne will play a big part in the single-player story of the sequel.

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