‘Destiny: Age Of Triumph’ New Glitch Forces Players To Leave Match; Granting Opponents A Win

By Allan , Updated Apr 04, 2017 05:32 AM EDT

The latest patch for “Destiny: Age of Triumph” has a glitch that makes players leave that makes their opponent win. Although the patch is intended to bring new content and balance the gameplay, the development team may have overlooked a possible glitch in the Osiris Matches. This has made some players exploit the bug to their advantage.

According to Gamerant, the new glitch affects the timer of the game whenever the last member of a team self-resurrects. The timer of the game freezes so the player is either killed or forced to leave the game to restart the timer. Of course leaving the game will allow them to self-resurrect again but will cause their team to lose the match.

Some players have voiced out their concern about the glitch and how other players are using it to get a big advantage in Osiris Matches. For that reason, it is important for players to be aware of the glitch and what is a better option for them to fix it. Especially for players who use the self-resurrect of a Warlock which is a good tactic when they are the last member of their team.

In a report published by Segment Next, Bungie is already aware of the situation and is already in the works to solve it. And since it is affecting all the matches in Trials of Osiris, it wouldn’t be surprising if the fix will happen just before the weekends or when the next feature raid arrives, Vault of Glass, which features Atheon and a Templar challenge.

Before this glitch, players were able to self-resurrect at any time at the end of every match and even extend the timer for super. This is also a glitch but one that is favorable for the players, this made Bungie release a fix for that but with it is another bug that isn’t good for the “Destiny: Age of Triumph” players.

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