'Destiny’ Brings New Modifiers, Format & Rewards In Upcoming Live Event

By Allan , Updated Mar 16, 2017 04:24 AM EDT

In the recent reveal stream of developer Bungie, it has been revealed that “Destiny” will be having big changes in its weekly activities. This includes new modifiers, formats, and rewards to acquire in the game. The stream has revealed many of the changes that are going to happen and players are very excited about it.

For starters, Gamerant reports the Daybreak modifier will make guardian ability recharge much faster. It will also take the Mayhem Crucible mode to Player vs Environment mode at Nightfalls. Moreover, players looking for an extra challenge will be able to make enemies stronger and fiercer using the epic modifiers. However, the Daybreak modifier will only be present every once in a while. It will be featured on the “Age of Triumph” launch date, March 28, but will only be up once every month or four weeks.

The good news is from July 18 to August, the modifier will be up continuously along with the return of the “Rainbow Burn” where all burn modifiers will turn on from time to time in Nightfalls. And as players await this big event, they can take advantage of the blue flames and XP boost in “Age of Triumph” according to Video Game Snap. This feature was enjoyed by many loyal players which were last launched in “Destiny” the first year.

There will also be new features in the playlist section such as the Challenge of the Elders where players can get highlight rewards for playing the mode. The Daily Story Mission mode will also change to a Weekly Story Mission Playlist which gives players more reason to finish each story before the next reset. There will be different themes each week where each story is connected to its theme. Of course, there will also be new modifiers that have never been seen in Story mode aside from the Queen’s Wrath event.

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