‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Free Level Cap Increased To 35 Each Character; Drama Goes Netflix

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 11, 2017 06:33 AM EDT

"Final Fantasy XIV" developers have removed the time restriction on a free playable demo. It should be noted that the free demo was available for gamers to try for only 14 days. Now, "Final Fantasy XIV" fans may play the game without time limit but not indefinitely.

Level Up And Start Over And Over Again

"Final Fantasy XIV" fans who try the free demo may now play their characters up to Level 35, WTF Gamers Only reported. Gamers may take their time getting to Level 35 since there is no longer a time limit. It should be noted that the "World of Warcraft" demo also allows their players to play the game for free until Level 20. Hence, "Final Fantasy XIV" gives players an extra 15 levels which are expected to help gamers choose which job to play within the world.

Moreover, the "Final Fantasy XIV" demo allows one character to level up to 35 and then start over with another character to the same free level-cap. It should be noted that the restriction applies to all characters with a total of 8 different characters to be played up to Level 35. After the 8 characters level up to 35, gamers then need to pay to continue to play the full game.

New Japanese Drama Heads West On Netflix

In other news, Japan's "Final Fantasy XIV" based drama is set to make its way to the rest of the world via Netflix, Engadget reported. The drama, entitled "Daddy of Light" is not an adaptation of the hit MMO. On the contrary, it is a live-action show that puts its focus on a father and son playing the game together.

The "Final Fantasy XIV" father and son duo is set to air on Netflix in Japan on April 20. In addition, "Daddy of Light" will also be seen in other countries in the fall. Furthermore, Netflix also carries other popular Japanese drama like "Hibana: Spark".

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