‘Dead Rising 4’ Pre-Order Weapons & Single Player DLC Now Available; ‘Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf’ Coming Soon

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 11, 2017 06:35 AM EDT

"Dead Rising 4" developers have released the new single-player downloadable content. In addition, pre-order weapons are also made available to buy as of this writing. Furthermore, the Christmas-themed items in the game's digital store will not be sold in a bundle.

Exclusive Items Include Christmas-Themed Crossbow

"Dead Rising 4" players received a slew of retailer-specific, pre-order weapons upon launch last December. It should be noted that the exclusive items are now available for everyone to purchase since April 4. Capcom Vancouver further revealed that the Slicecycle, the Hulk-styled X-Fists, the Ugly Winter Sweater the Sire Ice-A-Lot mask and the Candy Cane Crossbow will cost $1.99 each in the "Dead Rising 4" digital store, Twinfinite reported. Apparently, there will be no bundle for the five items.

In addition, the new single-player story "Frank Rising" announced last month is now available on both Xbox One and PC platforms. The DLC will follow Frank West in the aftermath of an infection that he gets from a new outbreak of zombies in the Willamette. West is tasked to save the town before the government decides to wipe it off the map. Take note that the DLC is part of the "Dead Rising 4" season pass. However, "Frank Rising" may be bought separately for $9.99.

New Expansion Coming Soon On "Dead Rising 4"

In other news, Capcom is also expected to launch an all-new expansion. The "Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf" expansion is set to feature a wacky-looking mini golf mode. Moreover, power-ups and zombies are also set to come to the game soon.

The "Dead Rising 4" further features a four-player online multiplayer mode. In addition, a local, turn-based co-op mode is also available. The recently launched game was first released on the Xbox One C and Windows 10 PC platforms in December, followed by a Steam release recently, Gamespot reported.

"Dead Rising 4" already received its first free update at the end of January alongside a free trial version on the Xbox One. Check out Frank as a zombie in the "Frank Rising" DLC in the video below:


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