Splatoon 2 Maps Revealed; Game Takes Up 10MB Mobile Data Per Round

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 11, 2017 06:38 AM EDT

The "Splatoon 2" publisher Nintendo has decided to offer gamers an early glimpse at the latest arena in the game. A short video featuring the MBX-inspired map was unveiled on the official "Splatoon" Tumblr. It should be noted that the hotly anticipated sequel is expected to release in Summer 2017 and will only launch on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

"Splatoon" Environments Encourage Different Strategies

The "Splatoon 2" predecessor proved to be a hit because of the fun, creative maps that it featured. Players were offered unique environments in every arena, carefully design to encourage a variety of strategies. Note that while each mode's goal remained the same, the way a team achieved victory was influenced by the many great maps duking it out on.

Hence, fans are excited to learn about the maps coming to "Splatoon 2" as the maps in the original game were widely praised. On this note, Nintendo offered gamers a look at the maps coming to the game revealing that the "Squid Research Lab" will be getting more imaginative in "Splatoon 2." In the meantime, players of the original "Splatoon" game may now win a free copy of "Splatoon 2," a trip to the E3 2017 or a Nintendo Switch, The Gizmo Life reported.

"Splatoon 2" Takes Up Less Than 50MB Of Data For Four Rounds Of Online Play.

In other news, the recently revealed Nintendo Switch console's portability was put to the test when gamers were allowed to take the competitive online experience with "Splatoon 2" on the road. Nintendo just capped last week's Global Testfire preview and gamers have noted that playing "Splatoon 2" over LTE may be good for those with a data plan.

"Splatoon 2" gamers who opted to use a smartphone's hotspot revealed that one round of LTE-powered multiplayer spanning three minutes burns only 0.011 GB of data, which is a little over 10 MB. The rate is said to be consistent and results to 45.6 MB of data budget for 20 minutes of online play. In addition, no noticeable lags may be noted despite higher latency of an LTE connection, Engadget reported.

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