‘Nioh’ Collector’s Edition: No April 12 Release Happening; Amazon Updates Pre-Order Listing

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 11, 2017 05:06 AM EDT

"Nioh" Collector's Edition Strategy Guide has been pushed back to May 2017 instead of releasing on April 12 in North America. Amazon updated the pre-order listing for the guide with its new release date. In the meantime, the game has just been announced as Koei Tecmo's most successful title in the West.

"Nioh" Guide Packs All Free DLC Missions

It should be noted that the "Nioh" Collector's Edition Strategy Guide is expected to cover all the abilities and attacks from the game. In addition, the coverage is also set to include all the free DLC missions as well as the player versus player mode. Moreover, the guide will also include sections for outlining the development of the game and a deeper look into the story and some detailed maps.

"Nioh" is a hotly anticipated intellectual property coming from Team Ninja, the company behind the well=known "Dead or Alive" and "Ninja Gaiden" series. The title is said to bear comparison to "Demon's Souls," "Bloodborne" and "Dark Souls" games, Game Idealist reported. Furthermore, the game adds unique twists such as Ki pulsing and an abundance of loot, among others. Gamers interest in mastering "Nioh" may check out its upcoming official strategy guide coming from the Future Press.

"Nioh" Exceeds One Million Sold Units In Over A Month

In other news, Koei Tecmo's most successful game published in the west has already shifted over one million units, VG247 reported. Koei Tecmo's general manager Yasutomo Watanabe noted that "NioH" is a triumphant return to the studio's strengths which media and players reacted to very positively. Watanabe-san added that part of the success of "Nioh" was the demos and the localization of the game in 15 languages.

"Nioh" success was also attributed to market research done to identify global and regional trends that Koei Tecmo could use to appeal to western players. Apparently, this was also said to be the main reason why "Dead or Alive Xtreme 3" was not released in the west as the game may not appeal to western players. Koei Tecmo further plans to release big titles for the western market in 2017. Watch the "Nioh" Alpha Demo in 1080p 60fps in the video below:


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