New Skins Hinted By New 'Overwatch' Comic

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 07, 2017 11:34 PM EDT

Blizzard Entertainment has continuously released game and story content for the popular team-based shooter "Overwatch". The developer has recently teased fans with something called "King's Row Uprising", which is reportedly scheduled to release on April 11, 2017. So far, most gamers have speculated that it would be another in-game event like the past one they have released so far. Blizzard has been keeping it low-key regarding the release of more information about the scheduled event, but a newly released comic might hold some clues about some skins.

The new comic shared by the developer is entitled "Uprising" and is supposedly set seven years before the omnic war happened. It apparently starts with the introduction of Tracer as she trains to become part of the "Overwatch" team. Other notable characters like Soldier 76, Ana, Reaper, Mercy and Winston also make an appearance as their younger selves. Tracer is deployed to handle her first mission, which deals with the "Kings Row Uprising" that is destroying London, where is her home, reports Game Rant.

Eagle-eyed fans were able to instantly pick out that most of the cast in the new comic showcase existing skins already available in the game. But other "Overwatch" characters like Mercy and Tracer are featured with new a look that has not yet made it into the game. Players speculate that the upcoming "King's Row Uprising" event next week might include new skins for some of the cast. The game's director, Jeff Kaplan, has reportedly promised fans a certain Widowmaker skin that is worth looking forward to.

"Overwatch" seems to be kicking things into high gear since its launch anniversary is fast approaching. The "King's Row Uprising" in-game event is also suspected of delivering more story-based content to further enhance the team-based shooter's lore. Other players also speculate that a new animated short might be released together with the new event. However, as with the previous seasonal events, gamers can most likely expect a new game mode along with some new skins.

Some users have suggested that the "King's Row Uprising" event might have a new PVE mode instead of a PVP game mode, as reported by Gamenguide. The new comic itself has already carried some clues that the "Overwatch" team has responded to the omnic threat that has devastated London. "King's Row Uprising" is scheduled to launch next week on April 11, 2017 for all platforms, while new skins and in-game content might also follow.

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