Nintendo Switch: Wrong Save Data Loaded Into Repaired Unit

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 07, 2017 11:33 PM EDT

Nintendo has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch currently does not have a way to back-up or transfer save data just in case the system encounters problems. A recent report illustrated the hassle that owners will most likely encounter if ever they would need to have their unit repaired or replaced by the manufacturer. It appears that a gamer sent their Switch for some repair and for some unexplained reason received the unit with a different save data and information.

It was reported that the owner shipped their console to a company called United Repair due to a scratched screen. Once they got their Nintendo Switch unit back, they supposedly booted up the console only to find out that someone else's account information and save file have been uploaded to their system. According to Game Rant, It seems that their "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" saves file went missing with over 90 hours of progress.

They also confirmed that the other owner's name, social media accounts, location and eShop tax settings were all available to view on the repaired Nintendo Switch. This apparently allowed the user to contact Nintendo and the original owner of the uploaded account. After their complaint, the gaming company swore to recover their save data or maybe discuss some compensation. However, it seems that they doubt that their save file can still be recovered after the repair center's blunder.

The reports also verified that the repair center was officially authorized by Nintendo, but the company's approach on how to handle the Nintendo Switch's save files is viewed as outdated. Most gamers feel like the video game company might have introduced a ground-breaking approach with their new console but took a long step back with its lack of back-up features.

A previous report from Gamenguide discussed the popular speculation that the Nintendo Switch will eventually receive an update for a cloud save feature. This is supported by the fact that systems sent in for repair are sometimes replaced with a new unit with the entire user's account information and save files intact. Gamers are obviously hoping that Nintendo will be releasing the cloud save feature update soon.

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