‘Rage 2’ Hacking Makes Hulk Hogan Fights Match Made In Heaven; 'Primal Rage 2' Now Playable After 2 Decades

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 17, 2017 04:56 AM EDT

"Rage 2" fan has hacked Hulk Hogan in the "Streets of Rage 2." While other hacks like Earthworm Jim in Streets of Rage was meant as a joke hack, Hulk Hogan in the "Streets of Rage 2" actually works. Moreover, a "Rage 2" video game cancelled over 20 years ago is now available to play.

A Wrestler Comes Into A Brawling Game

Brawlers and wrestling have one thing in common, that is a fairly limited set of moves. Apparently, brawlers may not dig deep with attacks or strategies as a one on one fighting game. Hence, when Hulk Hogan was hacked into "Streets of Rage 2," it was noted as a match made in heaven, Retro Gaming Magazine reported.

It should be noted that Hulk Hogan is from a wrestling game. Furthermore, Hulk Hogan also has other animations that make him a good match for the "Streets of Rage 2" universe. However, it has been noted that at one point in battling the boss of the first level, it is possible to get stuck by one of the signs on the right. Other than that, Hulk Hogan is noted as a quality hack.

In the "Streets of Rage 2," Hulk Hogan's sprite is said to function well. His attacks are mostly punches and combos. Hulk is able to do a belly to back while perplexing an enemy or doing a punch combo and ending it with a big yellow boot. It is expected that the hack will be expanded and the storyline altered to reflect Hulk Hogan's involvement in the game. The hack can be grabbed at ROMHacking.net.

Late 1990s Cancelled Video Game Is Now Playable

In other news, a video game cancelled more than two decades ago and was never released can now be played by everyone. It has been revealed that "Primal Rage 2" is now playable via an emulator, Kotaku reported. Having resurfaced in an arcade a few years ago, a dump of the game which previously did not work properly in an emulator is now available and is better than expected.

The "Rage 2" game may have some bugs involved and obvious unfinished details with things like menus have been found, most of the game still works. The characters are also animated and the fighting also works. The original game was released in arcades in 1994 and the sequel was planned to hit in 1996 but was cancelled after its official unveiling in 1995.

Watch Hulk Hogan in "Streets of Rage 2" below:


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