‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News: Here’s What To Experience With iOS 1.31.0, Android 0.61.0 Update

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 17, 2017 04:14 PM EDT

"Pokemon GO" developers are currently gearing up for bumped up versions of the hit augmented reality game both on iOS and Android versions. Moreover, nest migrations will continue on a biweekly schedule. In the meantime, Niantic is also set to deliver an Easter egg hunt in "Pokemon GO".

Niantic Rolls Out Minor Update Soon

"Pokemon GO" gamers are currently on a mission to catch around 80 new monsters brought about by the Generation 2 update. However, Niantic is expected to bring updates both on iOS with version 1.31.0 and Android with version 0.61.0. The new features of the upcoming "Pokemon GO" versions include traditional Chinese language support along with an updated "Pokemon GO" collection screen bar, minor text fixes, and some bug fixes.

In addition, the "Pokemon GO" nest migrations are set to continue on a biweekly schedule. The changes will be dependent on location so trainers may check out if the tweaks have already been made on their end, especially with spawning monsters, Droid Report reported. Take note that the nest migrations will randomize the pocket monsters, which may be detrimental for gamers who plot their course and play the game ahead of others.

Easter Egg Hunt Event Coming To "Pokemon GO"

In other news, Niantic is expected to declare this coming Easter as another "Pokemon GO" holiday which may just be its best event yet, Forbes reported. Take note that Niantic has been known to be discreet about its upcoming events, most of the time announcing the event on the day itself. It is expected that the upcoming Easter event will be an egg-based hunt.

"Pokemon GO" event may reduce the distance it takes to hatch eggs or sell incubators at discounted prices. Moreover, the event may also increase the egg drop rates from PokeStops. Prize eggs may also be awarded to random players which may include PokeStop items like balls, berries, and potions or Store Items like incense and lures or Evolution Items, Stardust or Actual Pokemon.


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