‘Diablo III’ News: Closed Beta Necromancer Abilities May Change Until Official Release

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 17, 2017 04:29 PM EDT

"Diablo III" just welcomed a new character in the game. Necromancer is expected to be a playable character during the Public Test Realm or PTR. In addition, the "Diablo III" developer is also testing out the upcoming Patch 2.6.0 as well.

How To Sign Up To Beta Test

"Diablo III" fans can sign up easily via the Beta Profile Settings located in the Account Management under Games and Codes. There is a checkbox there for Diablo in "Beta Tests I'm Interested In" and click the Update Preferences button.

Primary, Secondary Skills Of New Class Revealed

In other news, the ongoing "Diablo III" closed beta has confirmed all the skills of the new character Necromancer. "Diablo III" fans should note that the new character has the power of bone, curses, and blood. Moreover, Necromancer may command hordes of obedient minions. However, Blizzard noted that the abilities are subject to change until Necromancer is officially released in public.

The Necromancer class was previously unveiled for "Diablo III" at the BlizzCon 2016. It is expected that the said character would officially be launched in the middle of 2017, PC Gamer reported. However, the "Diablo III" developers are yet to announce a release date for Necromancer.

With Necromancer being a playable character in the ongoing closed beta, it is expected that the "Diablo III" developers will also host an open beta in the coming months, Segment Next reported. Furthermore, "Diablo III" official forums have noted the primary and secondary skills of the Necromancer class. First off, the character may summon bone spikes from the ground with 150 percent weapon damage every second.

"Diablo III" players should also note that Siphon Blood will be able to heal 2 percent of health every second while channeled. Moreover, siphoning the blood from a target enemy can deal 300 percent weapon damage. Secondary skills of the Necromancer class include unleashing Nova with 350 percent weapon damage to enemies within 25 yards of the character and summoning a piercing bone projectile with 450 weapon damage to enemies it passes through.


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