SNES Classic Edition Reportedly In The Works, To Be Announced At E3 2017

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 21, 2017 12:15 AM EDT

Last year, Nintendo enjoyed great success with its release of the NES Classic Edition, which flew off shelves as gamers wanted a bit of nostalgia under their Christmas tree. Retailers both online and physical stores encountered strong demand with not enough supply. Restocks are immediately swallowed up by consumers and auction website even sold units at more than three times the original MSRP. Now the company is speculated to release the SNES Classic Edition in time for the holiday season.

When Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition back in November 2016, the product became one of the most prized Christmas presents. Game Rant notes that despite its popularity even now, the company has officially confirmed that the product will be discontinued soon. Given the news that they are in working on the SNES Classic Edition this time around, makes it understandable why they chose to stop the former' production.

Analysts claim that consumers might be overexposed if ever Nintendo decided to continue marketing the Nintendo Switch along with the NES Classic Edition and eventually the SNES Classic Edition. The decision would most definitely result in a competition among the three products, which can definitely affect the sales of its latest gaming platform.

According to Forbes, the news that Nintendo is planning to release the SNES Classic Edition is very welcome with nostalgic gamers. However, the company's handling of the demand for the NES Classic Edition also brings a sense of dread for consumers as the demand for the system was apparently handled poorly. The pre-release hype reportedly led to disappointed as many buyers were not able to purchase one due to its supply woes.

This has probably led to some apprehension from Nintendo fans who are already expecting stock shortages for the rumored SNES Classic Edition. The company has yet to officially confirm the existence of the new console, but some fans are confident that it will be made during their E3 2017 press conference. Some analysts also note that Nintendo might limit the exposure of the new system to avoid stealing the spotlight from the Nintendo Switch.

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