'Overwatch': Blizzard Updates 'Uprising' Event To Patch PVE Exploit

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 19, 2017 04:25 AM EDT

"Overwatch" players have welcomed the new "Uprising" seasonal event as well as the new loot boxes, skins, sprays and new PVE Brawl for the arcade mode. Players have reportedly enjoyed the higher XP awarded by the four-player co-op mode, but it appears that an exploit was discovered that some users have begun to abuse. Reports have confirmed that the PVE exploit is exclusive to the PC version of the shooter.

According to Game Rant, Blizzard has already pushed out a patch that is intended to fix the PVE exploit for "Overwatch". Some gamers have already confirmed that the update has removed the bug which allowed players to easily beat the game mode and easily earn XP. The exploit was apparently done during the payload phase of the "Uprising" game mode. Players use either Tracer or Lucio and speed their way to the checkpoint with 10 seconds left prior to the payload boot-up sequence. If done correctly, enemies will not spawn for the duration of the phase.

Players have reportedly abused the PVE exploit to finish the "Uprising" event on the Legendary difficulty a little bit quicker. Post-patch the game still spawns the enemies regardless of what the "Overwatch" players do during the event. Additionally, the patch also reportedly fixes some bugs with the Competitive Play where incorrect results are recording during tiebreakers on Assault and Assault/Escort maps.

Blizzard continues to showcase its commitment ensuring that "Overwatch" remains balanced as much as possible. Other than the PVE exploit patch, ever since the "Uprising" event's launch, there have been multiple reported issues that affected some of the game modes, as reported by Gamenguide. The developer's quick response to address the reported issues assures fans that the game is in good hands in terms of support.

With the "Uprising" PVE exploit already fixed by a patch, "Overwatch" players look forward to E3 2017 due to a surprise hint from Terry Crews. The actor reportedly teased fans during his Facebook Live stream that he has a "major surprise" for fans this June during E3. His video reportedly fueled speculations that Doomfist is the next DLC hero to arrive in the shooter.

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