'Overwatch': Genji Set To Receive Buff, Says Game Designer

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 23, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

According to the "Overwatch" gaming community, Genji is already considered as one of the strongest characters in the team-based shooter. However, it seems that the developer believes that the cyborg ninja merit another buff to make him more powerful. Geoff Goodman, the game's principal designer, shares their plans to buff the number of sword slashes Genji can perform during his Dragonblade ultimate skill.

Goodman has recently revealed that the latest "Overwatch" update caused player latency to affect the number of sword swings Genji does when his Dragonblade is activated. It was discovered that a player with higher latency can swing the sword longer than other players. According to Goodman, before the latest update, the number of slashes relied on the latency rating of each player. However, a fix was implemented on the new patch "which caused some players to suddenly get fewer swings than they were used to."

It was noted that prior to the newest patch for "Overwatch", high latency players can have Genji slash up to seven times during Dragonblade activation. These players apparently reported that started getting six swings right after the new update, which is a source of disappointment for most of these players. Goodman confirmed that they will work on increasing Genji's swing speed so all players will gain back the seventh slash after their next patch.

Moreover, Geoff Goodman said, "I'm not entirely sure when we can get that update into the players hands." Gamers are expecting the patch to possibly hit together with the game's next major patch. Since "Overwatch" launched, it has been noted that Genji has undergone several nerfs and buffs. The developers are probably hoping that the Dragonblade buff will satisfy the game's intended balance as well as some players who main the character.

The latest "Uprising" update for "Overwatch" also included the latest buff for Lucio, says Gamenguide. Meanwhile, the game will definitely encounter a lot of buffs and nerfs in the future in an effort to balance the game for competitive play. The Developer has been very diligent with their after-market support and generous with their free content updates.

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