'Street Fighter V' Receives New Content Update Next Week

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 23, 2017 03:49 AM EDT

Capcom continues to fulfill its commitment to support "Street Fighter V" with their announcement of new content coming to the fighting this April. Veteran fans are expected to enjoy a bit of nostalgia with the classic Thailand stage from "Street Fighter II" as a premium DLC. The developers have remastered the classic stage and updated all the background textures. The new stage will also reportedly bring back the original theme music from the second installment.

The original plan was to actually design the stage to reflect a night time ambiance, says Capcom. The developers originally considered to add candles and a full moon to enhance the stage as well, but for some reason decided to go with the original daytime setting. Game Rant notes that "Street Fighter V" fans might want to take on M. Bison in his original stage from "Street Fighter II" can do so next week. The new Thailand stage is set to come out on April 25, 2017, for $3.99.

The new "Street Fighter V" content is not limited to the new stage only, but also offers new costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri. The new skins will go live together with the remastered Thailand stage and will apparently cost $3.99 each. Juri's outfit gives her a punk rock schoolgirl look, which somehow suits her personality. Chun-Li is dressed with a more traditional straight An honor student, while Ryu gets a Bancho makeover from Japanese pop culture.

A new report from Shoryuken reveals that there are more costumes that will become available for "Street Fighter V" next week. The new content showcases duds for Alex, Chun-Li, and R. Mika, which follows a work or job theme. Interestingly, R. Mika is given a cheerleader outfit complete with pompoms. Alex suits up with a firefighter's gear and Chun-Li is given the businesswoman attire with glasses.

After "Street Fighter V" was launched, Capcom announced that they have planned to support the game up to 2020. Since then, the developers have already delivered the Season One DLC characters and have already started with Season Two. The in-game shop now boasts several premium costumes and stages as well as other colors for the characters. Fans should expect more content to arrive in the next coming months.

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