'Overwatch' Confirmed To Add Subtitle Support For The Hearing Impaired

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 26, 2017 04:18 AM EDT

"Overwatch" does not only rely on the gameplay and great character designs to keep players engaged. In fact, the game's character interactions and voice lines often keep fans entertained and informed about each hero's backstory or relationship with one another. Blizzard has been keeping the game updated with balance changes, seasonal events, new skins, and new game modes. Additionally, reports have confirmed that the studio is working on adding a subtitle support to benefit the hearing impaired.

Jeff Kaplan has recently replied to a forum post about subtitle support for some players that are hearing impaired. "Overwatch" has already taken a step towards that direction in the latest "Uprising" seasonal event with a subtitle option for their PVE Brawl mode. Game Rant has reported that the game's development team has already prepared the necessary technology. It seems that the feature will be available for the shooter's other modes as well soon.

The developers have not yet assigned a timeline for when the subtitle support update will be released, but the hearing-impaired gamers are apparently happy about the developer's decision. Getting to read the subtitles will help them avoid or counter some character's ultimate skills like D.Va and Junkrat. The "Overwatch" team shared that "'Uprising' is the first event to support subtitles" and that they want to extend the feature to "other parts of the game".

Jeff Kaplan also recently shared that beyond the subtitle support, they are working on six new maps for "Overwatch", reports Gamenguide. The game directly reportedly posted the information in the official forums to inform gamers that new maps are coming to the game soon. Three of the new maps will be "standard" and will be available for quick games and competitive. On the other hand, the remaining three have not been given a description just yet.

It seems that the "Overwatch" is prepared to deliver even more content other than the subtitle support in a future update. The developers reportedly have plans to create more maps and characters for each region in the world. Fans are obviously pleased with the post-launch support given by the studio for the game.

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