No Doomfist Announcement At E3 2017, Claims Devs & Terry Crews

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 25, 2017 10:08 PM EDT

Just recently, Terry Crews sparked excitement among "Overwatch" fans as he shared a video that hinted about an upcoming announcement for this year's E3. It is understandable that most gamers immediately associated his teaser with Doomfist. The developer also shared some info about the development progress they have made on the game's next hero, which was supposedly close to completion. However, the actor has reportedly denied that his announcement will involve the team-based shooter.

Reports have confirmed that Terry Crews was asked by a fan through social media about his E3 2017 teaser video and his involvement. The actor apparently explained that his attendance does not involve "Overwatch". He claimed that he aims to just enjoy the game show as well as meet with fans. Segment Next reports that Blizzard also confirmed their attendance but declared that they will not have an announcement that involves Doomfist or the team-based shooter.

Both statements from Terry Crews and the Developer have obviously disappointed "Overwatch" fans who were hyped about the speculated Doomfist announcement. The actor has supposedly delivered a very big clue during his Facebook Live video when he promised a "major surprise" for E3 2017. The actor even teased fans further by saying "ya'll know what's going on" that naturally led fans to suspect that it might be the next character announcement, according to Gamenguide.

Last year, "Overwatch" fans begged Blizzard to cast Terry Crews as the voice of Doomfist. Therefore, the developers surprised the gaming community when they invited Crews to visit the studio last December 2016. His visit further caused fans to presume that his involvement with the game is a done deal. His recently shared video created a rumor that Crews will join the developers to make the official announcement at E3 2017.

Sources have also pointed out that the possibility of Terry Crews playing Doomfist is still very real. The developer and the actor have not released any official statements that deny the speculations. The "Overwatch" community is apparently still excitedly waiting for the actor to make it official at E3 2017 this June.

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