Reports Reveal 'Overwatch' GOTY Edition To Be Released Soon

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 12, 2017 03:46 AM EDT

Fans are already anticipating the first year anniversary of "Overwatch" and the surprises Blizzard Entertainment has in store for the game. Reports have confirmed that some data miners uncovered that an anniversary special event is being planned for the team-based shooter. Players can most likely expect more loot boxes and new cosmetic items when the event launches. Meanwhile, some sources also reported that a Game of the Year edition of the shooter will also be available.

According to True Achievements, an Xbox Store scanning site, they have discovered a hidden entry for a GOTY version of "Overwatch". It is apparently slated to come out one day before the game's anniversary this May 23. Just like the Origins Edition, the game will reportedly have some cosmetic bonuses along with 10 free loot boxes to get players started, says Game RantOther information found indicated that there would be more than 100 new cosmetic items.

Sources have also confirmed that the discovery of the "Overwatch" GOTY version revealed that the anniversary loot boxes will only be available until June 5. Given that most special events run for three weeks at a time, it seems highly possible that the new event will start next week. Fans have also pointed out that the new event might showcase some new items like Symmetra's new legendary skin, as hinted by game director Jeff Kaplan.

More information dug up by the data miners also reveals that there will be better chances to score cosmetic items during the anniversary event. It looks like the developer really wants to go the extra mile to encourage possible players to grab the "Overwatch" GOTY edition to avail of more freebies. Moreover, the data uncovered confirmed that there are indeed three new maps coming to the game.

Gamers that are getting the "Overwatch" GOTY edition can most likely participate in their first limited time event. Additionally, as reported by Gamenguide, the game's new competitive season will start in the first week of June. Meanwhile, other rumors have also strongly hinted that the anniversary event will also include Doomfist.

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