Pokémon UNITE Release Dates For Nintendo Switch, Android Revealed; Trailer, Exciting Features, Aeos Island Details

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 22, 2021 08:36 PM EDT
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The Pokémon Company Internation and the TiMi Studio Group have announced that the mega franchise's first-ever strategy team battle game, Pokémon UNITE, is set to release in July 2021 on Nintendo Switch and September for mobile devices.

Pokémon UNITE is set to be a free-to-start game, with additional in-game purchases to be made available. Additionally, the announcement disclosed the plan to allow cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, allowing the players from either platform to play and battle together.  Also, players can use their Pokémon Trainer Club or Nintendo Account, both on Nintendo Switch and mobile, to keep their progress saved and synched - even between different devices.

Together with the announcement is the release of an all-new game trailer, featuring the opening cinematic for Pokémon UNITE with gameplay footage, available on the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel.

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Aeos Island: At the Frontier of UNITE Battles

The upcoming Pokémon UNITE game will be taking place on Aeos Island, described as a "mythical island said to be on the ocean's unexplored frontier." On the island is the Unite Battle Committee (UBC), an organization that runs the Unite Battle tournaments. In these Unite Battles, each trainer creates a team of five Pokémon and competes with other players, with the one earning the most points by the end of the round emerging as the winner.

Additionally, players will be working with a new and mysterious form of energy, the Aeos Energy, which can be used to evolve Pokémon in the middle of these Unite Battles. As the battles have gathered fans all over the world, Pokémon trainers from all over have been longing to join in on the action. Players assume the role of a rookie trainer who has arrived at Aeos Island to join these legendary battles.

In Unite Battles, players earn points by gathering Aeos energy from defeating wild and opposing Pokémon and then depositing those energies in their opponent's goal zones. Each fight starts with all Pokémon at level 1, gaining experience and leveling up in-game. As they gather Aeon Energy, they learn new moves and even evolve. Additionally, the game will be introducing "Unite Moves," special game-changing skills that can only be used within the Unite Battles.

Pokémon Unite's New and Exciting Features

The game also features unique customization options, allowing players to change the appearance of both their trainer and their Pokémon. A new in-game technology, the Holowear, allows you to dress your Pokémon in different outfits - still made possible by Aeos energy.

Also, while the game doesn't apply the type strengths and weaknesses that have been a hallmark of the Pokémon games over the years, each Pokémon still has its unique stats and roles to lead players to victory. Players will need to strategize and use Attackers, Defenders, Speedsters, Supporters, or All-Rounders to win. To use a Pokémon, trainers must have a Unite license for that particular species, achieved through the UBC.

Like the Pokémon Unite license, most items in the game could be bought with any of the three in-game currencies: Aeos coins and Aeos tickets are obtainable by playing the game; and the Aeos gems that are bought with real-world money.

See the new Pokémon UNITE trailer below:


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