Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Bundle: Release Date, Price + Bonuses

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 01, 2021 09:45 AM EDT
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Square Enix has announced the launch date of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, except that it is only for the half of the games that are in the bundle.

Players may experience the nostalgia again with this game bundle, however several fans are waiting if the said bundle, which is stated to be released for PC via Steam and Smartphones, will also be released in video game consoles.

Revisiting the Nostalgia

First revealed in the last Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2021, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is a bundle of the first Final Fantasy games, from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy VI, all in its remastered pixelated beauty.

According to IGN, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster kept the aesthetics of the original sprites, which became the main priority of the collection. The said sprites, especially for I,II, and III, where given an overhaul to be more in line with the SNES era of the franchise.

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The sprites for the Pixel Remaster managed to capture the essence of the game's original character concept made by Yoshitaka Amano, the artist behind art of the Final Fantasy franchise.

This makes Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster a far cry from the current sprite work of the modern remakes of both Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II.

IGN also said that fans will be more interested in Final Fantasy III the most considering that it will be the first 2D version of the game itself that will be available in the international market. The NES version of the game did not released in the west until the early 2000's in the modern consoles at that time.

The remaining three games, IV, V, and VI, retained their SNES feel besides a few graphical updates.

Release Dates, Pre-Order Bonuses

The first three games in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, according to Polygon, will be launched on July 28th at 10:00 AM PDT for the Android, iOS, and Windows PC via Steam.

The other half, according to their special page for Steam, will be released in in the future, while the full bundle itself will be available upon launch of the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remastered.

Those who will pre-order the bundle will receive a 20% discount, and aside from the game, you will receive individual original soundtracks of each Final Fantasy games, each rearranged and was overseen by the game's original composer Nobuo Uematsu, and wallpapers of every game's artwork.

According to, Square Enix is still have no plans to port the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster in video game consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

This is despite the fact that PlayStation and Xbox Systems received Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a gritty, dark, yet modern pseudo-retelling of Final Fantasy I.

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