'Hitman 3' Seven Deadly Sins - Season of Lust DLC Guide: New Assignments, Additional Content, Release Date

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 23, 2021 02:05 AM EDT
Players may unlock the Scarlet Suit, the suit set that Agent 47 is wearing in this screenshot, when they avail the "Season of Lust" pack for Hitman 3's "Seven Deadly Sins" DLC Expansion Series.
(Photo: Screenshot from a video from Hitman 3's Twitter Account, @Hitman)

Things will get sexier for Agent 47 as Hitman 3 will receive another addition to its "Seven Deadly Sins" downloadable content (DLC) Expansion Pack, the "Season of Lust."

Much like its previous chapters in the expansion pack, "Season of Lust" will add new content to the game, as well as new items, including weapons, that Agent 47 will use for his Escalation assignments.

Seductively Deadly

The "Season of Lust" chapter was first announced in a new trailer by IO Interactive, the developer of Hitman 3. In the said trailer, according to Games Radar, Agent 47 navigates in what appears to be a nightclub where a mysterious and sultry voice is communicating towards the assassin.

The said trailer also has heavy references to snakes as well as masquerade masks that was seen worn by people inside the nightclub that created a mysterious vibe, teasing what is in-store from the said season.

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In "Season of Lust," players will make Agent 47 experience a new take to Berlin and search for his secret admirer in the Lust Assignation Escalation missions, all while wearing a slick red outfit, the Scarlet Suit, which can be obtained as part of the DLC, according to NME.

Aside from the new suit, the assassin will also have a new weapon, a reddish black pistole that modified into a crossbow called The Serpent's Tongue and an explosive called The Serpent's Bite.

According to Gamepur, "Season of Lust" will also contain more Featured Contracts as well as Elusive Targets that will be themed around one of the Seven Deadly Sins, which is also practiced in its previous chapters, "Season of Pride," "Season of Greed," and "Season of Sloth."

According to the Collider, IO Interactive is now pouring even more content towards Hitman 3 as the stealth game will be the last of the World of Assassination trilogy, making Agent 47's future an uncertain one.

Release Date, Price

"Season of Lust," the fourth installment of Hitman 3's "Seven Deadly Sins" DLC Expansion Pack series, is set to be available on July 27th. According to Gamepur, the said chapter was supposed to be rolled out last July 20th, bat IO Interactive decided to delay the launch date for seven days.

The reason behind said delay was either because the content for "Season of Lust" was not ready to be released or the team of developers needed a week more to work on a new permanent in-game event that will be added to the game.

Players may either buy the "Season of Lust" Expansion Pack itself for $4.99, or the entire "Seven Deadly Sins" DLC Expansion Package, including the already released "Season of Pride," "Season of Greed," and "Season of Sloth," for $29.99.

Players may need to wait for the next three chapters in the expansion pack, which will focus on Envy, Wrath, and Gluttony.

Hitman 3, and the "Seven Deadly Sins" Expansion Pack, is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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