[LEAKS] Fortnite 'Horde Rush' Game Mode Returns: New Gameplay, Zombies Invisible Items, and MORE!

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 10, 2021 10:52 PM EDT
(Photo: Photo from Fortnite's Twitter Page, @FortniteGame)

A leak that was posted on social media has been pointing towards a possible return of a limited-time game mode in Fortnite. This was after the inclusion of the Team Brawl limited-time mode during the recent update me.

The said leak revealed several details regarding the return of the "Horde Rush" limited-time mode, which according to PC Invasion, it will be rolled out possibly in time for the Halloween season.

Players of the said shooting game need to treat these rumored information with a pinch of salt and keep in mind that these leaks were unconfirmed and it might change any time.

The Zombies are Coming...Back

According to Spieltimes, a certain Fortnite data leaker revealed in its Twitter post that the Horde Rush will be returning with new gameplay features added and a stronger zombie horde that players will be facing.

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In the said Tweet, the said limited-time mode will have Spawn Obelisks Chests, which have a chance of granting the players powerful weapons to use against the undead.

The returning Horde Rush will also have several items that will make them temporarily invisible against the zombies, which can be used for quick escapes, as well as an additional score multipliers feature that can eliminate any nearby undead horde, while reinforcing its competitive element.

What makes this possible return even more challenging, according to ESportsTalk, is that several new zombies will be joining in the encounter against the human defenders.

This includes white zombies that can freeze their targets in their feet, making them slide around the area, as well as red zombies that will explode once they came in closer contact with the players or when they were killed by them.

Green zombies will emit poison gas, while gold zombies are the powerful ones that players will have a harder time eliminating it.

Once after every wave of zombies were gone and eliminated, the team will be healed and those who were down will be automatically revived. Also, after they battled their way out of every wave of the undead, a final boss will allegedly pop out. They need to eliminate the said boss before clearing the game.

First released in June of 2019, Horde Rush has a somewhat short lifespan in Fortnite. According to Dot Esports, the said limited-time mode was replaced with another after players complained an issue regarding their struggle to find matches and play the said game mode.

This includes longer queue times in the lobby, which lasted for over five minutes, only to be kicked out after the waiting time elapsed, while other receive error messages a few seconds after trying to find a match.

As of this writing, Epic Games have not post anything that could reveal if the leaks were true or not, nor details regarding the return of the Horde Rush, including rewards that players would receive, if these rumors are true.

Among Us Developers Denies Rumored Collab

On the other hand, Innersloth, the developers of Among Us, denied rumors that they will be collaborating with Fortnite for additional new content, including a possible new game mode.

Before this, a leak surfaced on Twitter revealing the several game codes for a possible new limited-time mode, which has keywords that may connect to the crossover between these two games.

According to Give Me Sport, the developers responded to a question on their Twitter page if the said rumors are true. They replied that they do not know who spread said leaks, but these were not true. However, Innersloth considered the rumored collaboration to be "super cool."

Fans who saw the response where suspicious knowing that they saw the leaked game code firsthand. Epic Games, on the other hand, are still mum regarding it with no announcements nor clarification if the possible Fortnite-Among Us collaboration will happen.

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