'Red Dead Online' Weekly Update Guide: Cash Reward Bonuses, Free Items, and More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 15, 2021 02:58 AM EDT
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Outlaws in Red Dead Online are in a treat this week as Rockstar Games, the developers of the online game, will roll out its Weekly Update, bringing in new bonuses and rewards for players to grab.

This time, the Collectors are the ones who will reap said rewards as they will receive double the amount of rewards that they have earned in the game.

Collect your Dues

According to Rockstar Games' post in their Newswire webpage, all of the Collectors in Red Dead Online will earn Double Rewards for all of their Set Sales within this week. This means that Madam Nazar will offer double cash rewards to those Collectors. They will also earn double XP for every Collectibles discovered in the wild.

Aside from the Double Reward bonus, according to Gamespot, Collectors will also receive a free collector's Map after logging in the game, while according to Alt Char, players who want to have these benefits and bonuses can now unlock the Collector role for a low price as it will cost 30% less Gold Bars.

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They will also receive a 40% off the prices of any Novice or Promising Collector Role Items if they complete Madam Nazar's Weekly Collection, as well as a 2,000 Club XP reward.

Bonuses Galore

Outlaws who are not Collectors will be also reaping rewards courtesy of Red Dead Online's Weekly Update. According to Gamestop, those who have not yet finished the missions from "A Land of Opportunity" will have the opportunity to do so this week as they will receive double the RDO$ earned after they complete any of its missions.

This is a perfect opportunity for those who are new to the game and wanted to start their journey in the wild West with cash in their pockets.

They can also join the Hardcore version of the game's Gun Rush Teams, where they can join in a team to test their mettle while earning Double XP, whether they won or lose a match. They need to keep in mind they will not use any consumables or Ability Cards in order to attain said bonus.

Players whose Rockstar Games Social Club accounts are linked to their Prime Gaming account or planning to do so before September 28th will get a free Vitalism Studies Pamphlet and a 50% off discount of prices of every Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item of their choice.


Of course, any Weekly Update for Red Dead Online would not be complete without the discounts. For this Weekly Update, according to the Rockstar Game's Newswire post, Madam Nazar will be offering a 5 Gold Bars off discount for those who want to buy the Collector's Bag for the next week.

She is also offering a 40% off of the prices of every Collector's Maps, as well as the price for the Pennington Field Shovel and the Metal Detector, and a 30% off of the prices of Collector's Role Outfits and the Rafferty Eyepatch.

Stables will also offer a 30% off of the prices of all Criollo Horses, while Gunsmiths will be giving a 40% discount off the costs of all Pistols and 30% off of the prices of Double Bandoliers.

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