'Genshin Impact' 2.2 Update Major Leaks: Dataminers Leak New Heroes, Ability Change, and More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 20, 2021 03:42 AM EDT
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Several dataminers have posted leaks on the Internet regarding what players could expect in Genshin Impact after its incoming Patch 2.2 Update rolls out, as well as for the role-playing game's future patch updates.

This is despite the fact that miHoYo, the developers of the online multiplayer game, recently had a crackdown against said leakers.

The leaked information revealed the details regarding the new heroes that will be released during the roll out of the said update, as well as changes for an already revealed hero, Thoma.

Players of Genshin Impact do keep in mind that these rumors, speculations, and leaks were unconfirmed and need to be treated with a grain of salt as they can change from time to time until it was confirmed through an announcement from the developers.

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New Heroes Coming

One of the said leaks, according to Dual Shockers, were first posted in Reddit. According to the said Reddit post, which consists of screenshots from a post in a web forum, a Chinese dataminer revealed that Arataki Itto and Shenhe might be released in the game's Patch 2.4 Update, while Yae Miko will might be released in the Patch 2.5 Update.

Itto, according to GameWith.net, is rumored to be a buff male character who has a tall physique and a oni blood running in his veins. His name was mentioned by several characters, non-playable characters (NPCs), and bulletin boards, especially in Inazuma, was said to have a rivalry with Kujou Sara.

Shenhe, according to Screen Rant, was one of the other characters whose models were leaked last year after being datamined by the game's fans, alongside the models of Rosaria, Hu Tao, Sayu, and Kaedehara Kazuha, who were released in their separate patch updates.

On the other hand, Miko, according to Give Me Sport, was supposed to be released in the upcoming Patch 2.2 Update per leaks, but because of these leaked speculations, it might be possible that she will be pushed to either the Patch 2.5 Update or any other earlier updates post-Patch 2.2 Update.

Another leak, which was also posted in the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord server, revealed that Gorou might be released in Patch 2.3 Update.

A character who was also planned to be released aside from Yae Miko, Gorou, according to Pocket Tactics, was first introduced in the game's Special Programme 2.0 livestream as melee-centric character.

Rumored Ability Change for Thoma

Aside from the rumors regarding new heroes, several dataminers also leaked details regarding Thoma, who will be released in Genshin Impact's Patch 2.2 Update.

According to Sportskeeda, the leaks revealed that there are changes regarding his Constellation. In the said leak, which was first released on Twitter, his Level 4 Constellation ability, Long-Term Planning, will restore 15 Energy to Thoma after using his Crimson Ooyoroi.

Before the said leak, several insiders of the game believed that the same ability would restore only 1 Energy every time his Fiery Collapse, a byproduct of its Crimson Ooyoroi that deals area-of-effect (AoE) Pyro damage after a normal attack, hits an enemy. If the leaks will be true, Thoma's Crimson Ooyoroi might cost 80 Energy.

Another set of leaks on Twitter also revealed that his Elemental Skill will might deal an Aoe Pyro damage, while creating a stackable Blazing Barrier shield. The said stackable shield's damage absorption will scale off the hero's maximum health.

The said leaks also revealed the exact percentages that will be used to calculate said shield's strength, which is speculated to be lower than the original. Because of this, Blazing Barriers will receive a flat number buff to the damage absorption that will be based on his talent level.

Whether these rumors are true or not, miHoYo is still working on Thoma's features as a support character before his likely release in Genshin Impact's Patch 2.2 Update.

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