'Dead by Daylight' Patch 5.2.2 Update Guide: Fixes for Cenobite, Other Gameplay Tweaks, and More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 23, 2021 08:12 AM EDT
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Behaviour Interactive released the Patch 5.2.2 Update for Dead by Daylight, bringing in smalls changes and fixes in the game, including ones for their recently released Killer, Hellraiser's Cenobite, or Pinhead.

Other fixes that the patch update will be implemented, according Player.One, will focus on several issues regarding the game's sound and visual effects, as well as other crash issues.

Fixes on Pinhead

Ever since its release last September 7th as part of the game's Hellraiser Update, Pinhead has become a popular choice for Dead by Daylight players who took the role as the Killers.

However, they would also saw several issues that plaguing said character. One of the said issues is in its visual and sound effects in several of its attacks.

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With its Patch 5.2.2 Update, according to Attack of the Fanboy, the bug that makes the sound effects of the gate way summoned by the Summons of Pain continue to play after triggering the attack is fixed. It also fixed a bug that makes his chase music not to restart after using the same attack during their chase with a Survivor.

The said patch update for the online survival game also fixed a bug in Pinhead's "Lament Guardian" score event, which cause for it to be counted in an incorrect category. It also fixed the issue where players playing him will lose momentum when changing directions during a lunge attack.

Finally, it fixed the issue that causes a grunt sound effect to be played when switching to Pinhead when spectating a custom game, as well as an issue that cause the Chain Hunt from the Lament Configuration puzzle box to start a notification sound when switching to a Survivor's perspective while spectating.

Other Fixes

Aside from those for Pinhead, the Patch 5.2.2 Update for Dead by Daylight also bring in other fixes to other aspects of the game. The said patch update, according to The Nerd Stash, will fix an issue regarding the movement speed of the Nemesis while charging its Tentacle Strike.

The said patch update also fixed an issue that makes any Survivor models in a game lobby to not reflect what the players selected, as well as an issue that causes them to not receive any disconnection penalties when they leave a match as the Killer.

It also fixed the issue that caused the "Generator Completed" sound notification to play every time players switch between Victor and Charlotte or when they switch in-between spectated players, as well as an issue that caused the Engineer's Guild archive quest not to progress.

Other fixes include one for the issue that caused two hooks to be too close to each other at the east stairs in the Resident Evil map, another for the issue that prevents one side of a pallet in the Gideon Meat Plant from being destroyed by the Killer, and another for the issue regarding several misaligned banners in the Store.

Finally, the patch update also fixed an issue with the Grade Reset popup to be not opened if the date is changed while the game is still opened, as well as a crash issue in the game's tally screen related to the Grade Reset during the end of the season.

For players who are playing Dead by Daylight in their PCs, the Patch 5.2.2 Update will fix the issue that causes its 4K resolution setting to be enabled as the default, which resulted in several cases of performance drops, as well as a softlock issue that triggers once a player is spam pressing the ESC key during the game's loading screen.

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